For some people, sex can make sense of life

According to a team of psychologists at George Mason University, who has published a study in Emotion, sex can not only provide well-being, but even give some meaning to life. Especially the day after he had it.

Wellness and intimacy

The study involved 152 university students (including 116 women) and examined the relationship between the frequency and quality of sex with moods and general well-being. 63% of the subjects maintained monogamous relationships.

Participants had to keep a night diary for 21 days in which they noted their moods, if life felt meaningful, and if they had sex since the last entry. The scientists also wanted to know if sex was good and intimate.

What they found is that sex provided not only well-being, but greater significance to life. The research also showed that for sexual intercourse to increase the feeling of well-being, the participants had to have in more intimate relationships, while "simply being in a committed relationship is insufficient to obtain benefits."

However, the limitations of the study lie in their dependence on university students and their small sample size.

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