What is the most equitable society in the world?

The four largest employers in the world are the Pentagon, the People's Liberation Army of China, Walmart and MacDonalds. Four out of five, then, are American employers. That is why the fact that only in the United States is not strange either 46% of all the millionaires of the world live.

It is also clear that the United States is not exactly an equitable country. Between 1993 and 2010, more than half of the national income of the United States corresponded to 1% of the population that had the highest income. But it is also not the least equitable country.

The most equitable

Although Scandinavian societies such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden are often considered the most equitable in the world, Ukraine is the country where the gap between rich and poor is smaller, with a score of 0.25 according to the Gini coefficient, which is the most widely used wage inequality detector.

A score of 1 records the maximum inequality (one person concentrates all income), while a 0 indicates perfect equality (all citizens have the same income). Also according to this source, in 2015 South Africa had a Gini coefficient of 0.65, so it was less equitable society.


What should remind us why the rich also have a bad time if there is economic inequality in society.
Image | Serge Saint

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