The name of this new spider is inspired by a song by Bob Marley

Imagine a population of spiders that is exposed after the tide has withdrawn for a long time, and that these spiders adapted to water and now out of it are spiders never identified before. What name to give them?

As scientists have deemed it appropriate to be inspired by a song by Bob marley whose title has a certain relationship: "High Tide or Low Tide" (high or low tide).

Famous spiders

The new species has been registered under the scientific name of 'Desis bobmarleyi'. The exact range of distribution of the newly described species is still unknown, but currently it is recorded from the intertidal zones of the Great Barrier Reef on the northeast coast of Queensland.

As their discoverers explain in the magazine Evolutionary SystematicsThese spiders have adapted to underwater life by hiding in shells of barnacles, corals or seaweed at high tide. To breathe, they build silk air chambers. However, once the sea water recedes, they are on the hunt for small invertebrates that roam the surfaces of nearby rocks, corals and plants.

It is not the only spider case inspired by a famous. For example, we have the spider Calponia harrisonfordi (by Harrison Ford).