Spectacular image of the Earth and the Moon a million km away

One of the three cameras that make up TAGCAMS (the Touch-and-Go Camera System) in NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft caught the spectacular image that tops this post.

Specifically, the image was captured on September 25, 2017 by NavCam 1 and shows the Earth-Moon system.


In the image, the Earth and the Moon are shown with 401,200 kilometers of separation, and the spacecraft is 1,297,000 kilometers from Earth and 1,185,000 kilometers from the Moon.

At the time this image was taken, the ship moved away from Earth after performing a gravitational assistance maneuver on September 22, necessary for OSIRIS-REx to reach its destination next year, the asteroid Bennu.

Bennu is an asteroid close to Earth about 490 meters in diameter. This asteroid was selected to be visited by the OSIRIS-REx space probe in 2018 (its launch was on September 8, 2016). This probe will collect dust samples from the asteroid with a robotic arm and bring them back to earth.. It is estimated that you can collect more than 60 grams. The collection of samples will occur in the year 2019 and the return to Earth with the samples will be in 2023.

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