Should we start eating jellyfish for the good of the planet?

Currently at least four times more jellyfish in the Mediterranean than in 2004, mainly due to climate change, pollution and overfishing. Its spread is devastating to marine food chains and ecosystems.

Tuna and turtles, the natural predators of jellyfish are disappearing due to illegal fishing, so that humans should perhaps become the natural predator of jellyfish. We should start eating them.

Silvio Greco He is in favor of us eating jellyfish. Also the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Not surprisingly, jellyfish are very nutritious: rich in protein and collagen, and low in calories and fat free. As Greco explains:

Jellyfish remind me of oysters, when you eat them you experience an explosion of the sea in your tongue. After all, they are 90% seawater.

Although we see them as a plague in the Mediterranean countries, jellyfish (at least some species) are considered a delicacy by Eastern cuisine: China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Malaysia are big consumers of these cnidarians, in stews or salads. In the Mediterranean, only the Cotylorhiza tuberculata can be eaten but you must pass a series of toxicological tests. For something one starts.

Video: The Painful Science Behind Jellyfish (April 2020).