This self-ventilated suit keeps you cool and dry

If you are an athlete and also a fan of Back to the Future II (how to forget the jacket that dries itself), then you will be excited about this self-ventilated suit, specifically designed to make great physical efforts and always stay cool and dry.

The suit has been developed by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Self Ventilation

The training suit is breathable with ventilation flaps that open and close in response to heat and sweat. The fins are tiny in size, although there are also large ones like a finger, and they are lined with live microbial cells that contract and expand in response to moisture changes.

The cells act as tiny sensors and activators, causing the flaps to open when an athlete sweats and close when the body cools. As the lead author of the development explains, Wen wang, former scientific researcher at Media Lab and the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT:

We can combine our cells with genetic tools to introduce other functionalities into these living cells. We use fluorescence as an example and this can make people know that you are running in the dark. In the future, we can combine the functions of odor release through genetic engineering. Maybe after going to the gym, the shirt can give off a good smell.

Biologic from Tangible Media Group on Vimeo.

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