Smart people prefer to spend less time with friends

Absolute loneliness is not pleasant for almost anyone. However, being surrounded by people is sometimes just an inefficient way to avoid feeling alone.

At least, among the smartest people, than in general they prefer that they feel at peace and nobody bothers them for longer than less intelligent people on average.

Intelligence and loneliness

Accepting that measuring intelligence is very difficult, the smartest seem to prefer spend less time with friends, as revealed by a study in National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Smart people feel more satisfied, in general, with their lives, and socialize less. When they relate too much time to others, however, they are unhappy, so they do it more infrequently.

This correlation follows from a survey in the United Kingdom in which 15,000 people between 18 and 28 years old participated.

Video: Science Explains Why Very Intelligent People Prefer To Be Alone (March 2020).