Saying bad words is not bad: it is a sign of intelligence

We live in convulsive times in terms of swear words, political correctness and of taking it with smoking paper. Parents penalize children who drop tacos, and saying swear words can offend the general public.

However, leaving aside the protocols and social norms of each moment, in fact saying swear words does not reveal that you have a dirty or messy mind, not even that stores to have bad behavior.

Vocabulary richness

It is often said that people who speak with tacos have limited vocabulary. But a study conducted by psychologists from Marist College and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Art concluded that participants who were able to list more tacos in a minute they also demonstrated greater language skills in general.

What this correlation suggests is that the bad word is not simply a sign of linguistic poverty, lack of general vocabulary, or low intelligence. Instead, the word seems to be a feature of language that an articulated speaker can use to communicate with maximum efficiency.

Primitive brain

There is a link between swear words and emotions, so swear words seem to come from the most primitive parts of our brain. But that does not mean that they model our mind. That is, pronouncing a curse does not make us a ruffian, nor does it cause us to have bad thoughts, nor does it overshadow our daily moral code. It is just the opposite: our language is what reflects what nests in our mind.

If instead of saying a curse word, we say a euphemism, it does not erase what we already have in mind. What it really does is to prevent others from guessing what we think and how much it affects us emotionally. Avoiding swear words, in that sense, is like avoiding crying.

Words do not predispose people to attitudes, which is why it is so sterile to change racial words or derogatory connotations for euphemistic terms: people will say things differently, but they will continue to think essentially the same. It is what is called the euphemism wheel.

However, remember that in many television channels beeps are still used to mask swear words and in the United States euphemism is used until nausea (oh my gosh by oh my god, for example).