If the skin of your penis is darker it is completely normal

Some penises, and also some areas of the penis, more specifically, appear darker than the rest of the skin, in some cases they even appear stained black. But this difference in the color of the dermis is completely natural and it is due to puberty hormones.

It is what it refers to Lindsey Bordone, dermatologist at the University of Columbia Medical Center: This darkening of the skin occurs when androgens respond to melanocytes, or the skin cells that produce melanin. Something they also endorse Cameron Rokhsar Y Lindsey Bordone.

In addition to hormones, darkening of the skin in certain areas may be due to the chronic friction, at high sugar levels (diabetes) and obesity. The color changes are normal with age. But you have to keep in mind that "the skin can darken in certain parts when sugar levels are very high" and, therefore, develop diabetes.

Another less known factor may be acanthosis nigricans, a skin disorder characterized by the presence of hyperpigmentation and rough appearance in the perianal skin folds (the area around the anus) and in the armpits. In some people, this condition also affects the palms of the hands, the inner face of the thighs, the English, the lips or other parts of the body.
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