If you eat less calories, you will live longer

For years, researchers try to respond to a scientific fact, eating fewer calories (to some extent) means living longer. There are many animal species on our planet that increase their life expectancy by reducing calorie intake by up to 60% and reaching the same borderline of malnutrition.

A team of researchers from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging has carried out an experiment with fruit flies That confirms it again. The study has been published in the magazine Cell Metabolism.

In the experiment, the flies that saw reduced protein intake in their daily diet, increased the capacity of circadian clocks and also improved their cycle of decomposition and synthesis of fat. And when they interrupted the biological clock of flies, both genetically and by external factors (subjecting them to light continuously), they discovered that the benefits of caloric restriction disappeared.

These conclusions could lead to the development of a future drug that favored this beneficial effect of caloric restriction in our biological clock. without the need to make a severe diet.
Image | tdlucas5000

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