Overweight men have more sexual partners, and women's weight does not influence

A study by Clemson University in South Carolina conducted an extensive survey to test some myths about sexual pairing, submitting 60,000 straight men and women, in which the weight and height were specified, how many sexual partners they had had so far. The study has been published in the magazine Evolutionary Psychology.

The results confirmed the popular idea that tall men have more sexual success than short men, but it seems that it contradicted strongly entrenched ideas, such as the weight of women decisively influences their sexual success.

Measured Body Mass Index (BMI), men who presented a normal or overweight weight range threw a higher percentage of sexual partners (especially in the case of those who were overweight) than those grouped in obese groups and thin

In the case of women, BMI did not mark any notable association in the number of sexual partners, only the height: the shortest are the ones with the least sexual partners. As David Frederick, study leader explains:

Research has repeatedly shown that women prefer men who are slightly taller than they are. It is possible that for most women there is a certain minimum height threshold, after which a man will be considered as a potential sexual partner, and therefore men above that height will end up with a similar number of sexual partners.