Space tourism is launched again thanks to Russia

Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency, restarts its program of spacial tourism canceled in 2011 with the purpose that the first expeditions with billionaire tourists who want to travel to space take place from 2018.

The reason behind this initiative seems to be strategic and economic: Roscosmos has lost the contract with NASA for the transport of astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). Although NASA has so far depended on Russian Soyuz spacecraft, the advances made by SpaceX and Boeing have opted for the US government to set the future of ISS transport to the Dragon and CST-100 spacecraft.

Russia won 76 million dollars every time he put an astronaut in orbit, and now he hopes to compensate for those losses with the new space tourism. This will be the case in 2018 when a company called Energiya is responsible for offering empty chairs on flights from Soyuz to the ISS to all space lovers.

Tourist trips are absolutely impossible since 2011, when the United States closed its ferry program leaving Russian Soyuz ships as the only means of transport with space.

Video: Space Tourism - Space Documentary (April 2020).