Coca-Cola Journey, new website in Spain

Coke it is music, active life, commitment, happiness; Coca-Cola are the stories that deserve to be told. Therefore, from Social Media SL, we present Coca-Cola Journey in Spain, the space in which stories are told about the things that occupy us and make us happy.

Coca-Cola Journey It is the natural transformation from the old web to a content publication. At Coca-Cola Journey we are invited to discover stories that surprise you and moments with which you feel identified. Because there are stories that deserve to be told, such as Coca-Cola projects to return every drop of water that contain their soft drinks to nature or Ekocycle Cube, the 3D printer that transforms empty Coca-Cola bottles into useful things.

This is a project carried out by the partners of Social Media SL (sister company of our editor, Weblogs SL) and we invite you to discover it and participate in the comments or on social networks.

Official site | Coca-Cola Journey

Video: Coca-Cola Content 2020 Part One (March 2020).