A short film that mixes the pedagogical with the show: Ambition

The importance of Rosetta's mission on November 11, when he launches his Philae module towards comet 67P, is so great, so epic, that ESA (European Space Agency) has deemed it appropriate that the best way to transmit what goes occur either through a Hollywood-style short film. But without using simple planes of probes furrowing a truffled space of stars, but in a much more original way: through an apprentice and his teacher located in another world playing with his super powers.

Not in vain, the teacher interprets it Aidan GillenLord Baelish in Game of Thrones. It is shot in Iceland by the Polish Tomasz Bagiński, who already won an Oscar for one of his shorts: Katedra. The short film titled Ambition, and not only intended to be pedagogical, but to hit the screen.

Here you have the making of:

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